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Twitter is a social networking site where we can see online news. Here people can communicate with short messages and it is called TWEETS. We can read posted short messages of whom you’re following on your twitter. This with the hope that might your messages is useful or interesting to someone in your office.

Some of the people can use twitter to discover interesting people like celebrities or companies online to follow their tweets. Also twitter describe, tweeting might be microblogging.

Twitter Is Popular:

Twitter is so popular because of short messages and the communication between anyone who can use twitter. Twitter is now scan - friendly so that hundreds of twitter users can read their content with a glance. Microblog tweet entry is about 280 characteristics. This size cap is focused on appropriate language which is easy to scan and challenging to write. This can make twitter very popular.

How It Works:

You can join twitter with a free account and twitter, then you can send the tweet as you like. People who follow can easily see your content or tweet. When anyone follows you on twitter then you also follow them back with etiquette calls. "How to Copy Link of Video & Images from Twitter, How to Copy Link of Video from Twitter, How to Copy Link of Images from Twitter, How to Copy Link of photos from Twitter"

To follow the celebrities, you can go through the search option and write their name and press ‘Follow’. And if there will be no interesting tweet or people then you can ‘unfollow’ them. After subscribing to the tweets, you can go to your account any time and read the constantly changing tweet.  

Twitter- A Form Of News Reporting:

Twitter is a social networking site where people can learn about some new event or new updates. Also, twitter helps to know about worldwide news. Recently people in Thailand tweets about their cities become flooded. This is the platform where people can update from their laptops and smartphones.

Celebrities Like Twitter:

Celebrities are more like to use twitter because this is personal as well as rapid. Twitter is the only social media platform where celebrities can build a personal connection with their fans. It is also for the purpose of advertising and motivation for the fans who follow them.

How To Copy Link Of Video And Pictures From Twitter:

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Here you have 2 parts to copy  the particular link: 

How to copy link of videos from twitter

How to copy link of pictures from twitter

How To Copy Twitter Video Link:

Step 1: Get the tweets URL which you want to copy. Get the tweets by the icon “(...)”  dots which is below the video. 

Step 2:  Select the “Copy Link To Tweet” option. A link appears and then copy it.

Step 3: Just before twitter adds “Mobile” to modifying the tweet video URL.

 Step 4: In the browser, open the modified URL and play the video and then right-click on  the video, and from the pop-up menu select “Save video as…” 

How To Copy Twitter Image Link:

Step 1: Download one of the google chrome extension tools which “DownAlbum”.

Step 2: Go to your twitter account, select the pictures that you want to download, and then click on the DownAlbum and start downloading the pictures. 

Step 3: After this click “Normal” to start downloading the pictures on the top right corner of your browser. Then save all the pictures.

 Step 4: change the downloading pictures like in png or jpg as per your requirements.


"Get Details of How to Copy Link of Video & Images from Twitter, How to Copy Link of Video from Twitter, How to Copy Link of Images from Twitter, How to Copy Link of photos from Twitter"

Copy link of videos and pictures are more tricky than downloading it from twitter. Make sure that you are not violating others' privacy and copyright. On the other hand, twitter is one of the most useful apps for people to update and fans who know more about their celebrities

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