• General Terms and Conditions

    Before using the services of “keepoffline.com ”, users must read the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions is a kind of agreement that governs the services of Facebook Video Downloader.

    We can modify this agreement at any time without any notice.

  • Preface

    Before using Video Downloader Online, users must accept our terms and conditions that are enlisted below

    • Users have to follow all guidelines before using Video Downloader Online.
    • Policies and rules of Online FB Video Downloader may be modified at any time.
    • We make any modification at any time without giving any notice.
  • Definations

    • Antivirus :This term is used to define malicious software or program that can damage your operating system.
    • Users :This term is used for the individual that is using this website.
    • Website :This term is used for “www.keepoffline.com"
    • Content :This term defines all text, graphics, information, scripts, logos, sounds and other informative parts of this website.
  • Website Usage

    Users are not permitted to change the content of this websites. Besides that this, users can’t also copy, transfer or resell content of this website without getting written permission from “www.keepoffline.com”.

  • Copyrights and intellectual property rights

    The content that is shared on this website either it is the image or something else is subjected to copyrights and intellectual property rights.

  • Responsibility of subscriber

    Whenever you subscribe our services, you have to enter your valid email ID and password so that you can access the services of our website. In case, you are found liable to misuse your subscriber ID and password then we will immediately cancel your subscription without giving you any second chance.

  • Termination

    We may terminate the services of the user in case of unauthorized access to data, modification of personal information or any misconduct. In such circumstances, whole data of subscriber is removed from the servers of the website.

  • Prohibited Conduct

    keepoffline.com does not provide authorization to users to use commercial email for the promotion of services as such activities can end up your subscription.

  • Limitation of Liability

    We are not responsible for the damage that is related to performance, error, computer virus, transmission, system failure etc.

  • Links to Third-party websites

    We may provide links to third-party that may include sponsors, advertisers of the website. We request our users to pursue the policies that are related to privacy and other policies. We are also not responsible for the third-party’s content that is accessible through this website. We are also not responsible for any damage that may incur while dealing with the third-party.

  • No warranties

    We have provided you a well-checked and accurate content but we also do not make any warranty that content is according to user requirements.

  • Disclaimer

    The information that is posted on keepoffline.com is obtained from the reliable sources and we also disclaim all warranties that are related to the accuracy of data. We also preserve our right for correcting errors and omissions in any portion of the website. We may discontinue or modify any aspect of keepoffline.com at any time.

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