Guest Posting for Online Services

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Guest Posting Site for Marketers:

Guest posting site is an opportunity to grow your online audience, targeting new audiences, and to increase new subscribers. This site for marketers, written about the new strategy, technology and branding or to increase the market rush. When you submit excellent contents to the marketer’s blogs then this can become a possibility. It gives a business break which you need and take your blog to another level.

Guest posting site has many advantages such as it builds your market credibility, meeting with more influencers bloggers, increases your traffic base, etc,. Also you can increase your writing skills and knowledge for the subject.

Guest Posting Site for the Articles:

Guest Posting Site for the articles should be written in minimum 800 words. Articles of this site should be written with proper research and knowledge. Thus, this site is for reaching/ targeting more and more new audiences. And the article of this post site will not be copied or translated from other sites. There should be accepted a wide range of articles in Guest Post Site

There are some Guidelines for writing articles on Guest Post site and these are as follows:

  1. Guest Post Site for the articles, it must be written with word limit of around 800 words.
  2. Such Articles are always original with descriptive title for the post.
  3. There should be no common word or sentence written in your article.
  4. Good or appropriate use of punctuation in the Articles.
  5. And it should not be any spelling errors in your articles while post it on site.

The Ultimate Guest Posting Site for Blogging:

In the Guest Posting Site for Blogs, it should be written with word limit of around 800 words. Writing for blogs is different from others; here, the content should be pure and fresh. Also in the content of the blog should not be copied from other blog or website. After it on the site our targeting new audiences or new subscribers comments on the particular written blog and give more fresh and interesting ideas.

Here, writing for the blogs on the Guest Posting site is different from writing for the articles. Some of the changes that we can edit or changing for our blogs are the heading tags, formatting the text, resizing the image etc

Some Benefits of Blogs:

Benefits of Guest Posting Site for Blogging are important. And here are some benefits of blogging which are given below:

  • Guest posting site for blogging is beneficial because it built a relationships with influencers.One of the benefits for blogs is to get high quality, targeted and niche specific backlinks.
  • It targeting more traffic on the website.
  • Also it is written to create brand strategy or for branding purposes.
  • Blogs for this post are written for the recent relevant topics and describe them in detail.
  • It can build mutual relationships between bloggers, other bloggers and it users or readers through comment section with practical advice.

Guest Posting Site for Internet Services:

Guest posting site creates traffic on the websites. And Online Services that provides an infrastructure in which subscribers can communicate with each other. They can communicate through emails. Online services connect users with unlimited number of information providers through guest posting site. Here, subscribers update with stock quotes, news stories, articles, etc,. Guest Posting Site for Online Services that aims to serve the best possible information.

Guest Posting Site gives rate for dofollow and nofollow links. For 1 dofollow, rate will be $ 50 and for nofollow rate will be $ 30. If there will be 2 dofollow and 1 nofollow then the rating price is $ 100. And if 1 dofollow and 1 nofollow then the rating price will be $ 75. This rates or run of site (ROS) shown in detail in the table given below.

Site Performance - May 2020 to Oct 2020








Page Views

Amaze Audience: In order to amaze your target audience, you need to fulfil 3 C’s

  • Clean Content
  • Compelling Content
  • Correct Platform

Content alone is not sufficient to induce the audience. Our main audience is the users, therefore we need to work on those aspects which will attract them.

Stay Consistent: The key is consistency! You’ve created a terrific ad with compelling content. Great. Then now you have to make sure that more and more people see your innovative knowledge and ideas and read it so that the users don’t forget about you. And that’s where we can help you!


Run of Site (ROS)
Dofollow & Nofollow Link Price Duration
1 Nofollow $25 6 Months
1 Dofollow $50 6 Months
1 Dofollow and 1 Nofollow $70 6 Months
2 Dofollow and 1 Nofollow $100 6 Months

Some of the Guidelines of Guest Posting Site for Articles and Blogs:

  • The word limit of writing forblogs and writing for articles should be upto 800 words.
  • Writing for both article and blog are not written in promotional content.
  • Before posting it, always check plagiarism.
  • There should not be any spelling mistakes and also be aware of punctuation.
  • Dofollow link will automatically changed into nofollow link after every 3 months.
  • It is important to have at least one picture in every content.

Note: If any other issues, you can contact and get more details.