How To Download Tik Tok Videos From Desktop?

1. Open Tik Tok Video in Desktop

Open your browser and visit the Tik Tok official website and choose your favorite video which you want to download on your desktop.

2. Copy Tik Tok Video URL

Copy the video URL of the Tiktok video by pressing (ctrl + c) from the address bar at the top of the browser window. The video URL will get copied to the clipboard.

3. Paste In the Search Field

Visit the keep OFFLINE Tik Tok Video Downloader and paste the video URL by pressing (ctrl + v) in the search field.

4. Download Your Tik Tok Video

Click on the download button next to the search bar. After checking the URL you will be given different video quality and formats. Click on the download button.

How To Download Tik Tok Videos From Mobile Phones?

1. Open Tik Tok Video

Ensure that you have downloaded the Tik Tok app on your mobile phone. Now open the app and look after your desired video that you want to download.

2. Copy Tik Tok Video URL

Now click on the share button. A slide will open with a bunch of sharing options. Click on the “Copy to clipboard” icon. The video URL will get copied to the clipboard.

3. Paste In the Search Field

Visit the KeepOffline Tik Tok Video Downloader ( and paste the video link/URL on the search bar in the search field.

4.Download Your Tik Tok Video

Click on the download button next to the search bar. After checking the URL you will be given different video quality and formats. Click on the download button.

Download Tik Tok Videos- Entertaining Videos In Hassle-Free Way

Tiktok is the most addictive platform if you are into short funny videos. This platform has pretty much every type of content and the videos are available in a short 6 seconds clip. The clips could be of someone dancing, singing, roasting, motivating, educating, or just bragging about how much swag they got.

Flexing about style has become a new trend for these new-age kids who call themselves Tik-tokers. Soon after it came out it no doubts it has become the most popular platform, but it has been into some controversies due to its wrong violation. However, it has great potential to be one of the best video platforms in the near future.


Your Favourite Tik Tok Video Downloader

Want to download Tik Tok videos online for free? We can show you how you can do it with an easy step by step guide by using KEEP OFFLINE Tik Tok Video Downloader.

These days the consumption of video streaming has increased a lot. It has been estimated that more than 45% of users stream video online on Tiktok for an average of 1 hour.

More video content is being uploaded every day and it requires a larger bandwidth to stream these videos online which can be satisfied by your broadband or 4G mobile connection.


Download Tik Tok Videos From Desktop or Browser:

➥ The method above given is for the user who wants to download videos of Tiktok from their android devices. However, if you want to use the Web browser, then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit the official website of Tik Tok.

Step 2. Once arrived, search for the video or click on the ‘Trending Menu’ link.

Step 3. Click on the video you wish to download from the list of videos available.

Step 4. Once the video opens, head over to the browser link available on your search bar or simply click on the blue-colored icon that says, ‘Copy Link’.

Step 5. After the link has been copied, visit the KeepOffline website.

Step 6. As soon as the site loads, you will see a search bar.

Step 7. Paste the URL link that you copied, on the search bar.

Step 8. Ensure that you select the video quality and sound format before hitting the download button.

Step 9. Once selected, click on ‘Download’.

Step 10. Your video will download within seconds. You can save it for further use on your desktop

Download Tik Tok Videos From Mobile Phone

Step 1. Open the Tiktok application on your smartphone

Step 2. Now navigate the video that you want to download

Step 3. Click the share button and a bunch of sharing options will appear in the bottom

Step 4. Click on the option that says, ‘copy link’.

Step 5. Visit the KeepOffline website (

Step 6. Once arrived, paste the video link/URL on the search bar at the top.

Step 7. Select your video quality and format of the video.

Step 8. Once selected, click on ‘Downloader’ Button and the video will be downloaded within seconds

Why KEEP OFFLINE Is the Best Tik Tok Video Downloader?

Keeping offline video downloaders makes it easy for you to download or save any video from TikTok much easier. Sometimes we came up with an amazing video that we want to see on the loop and we don’t want to lose the video. As TikTok feed keeps on updating at a rapid pace you might end up losing the video you liked.

You can use KEEP OFFLINE Tik Tok Video Downloader in your browser from any device without downloading any software or application and this also downloads the videos quite frequently.


The best thing about this tool is you can download pretty much every single video available in Tiktok without breaking community guidelines as long as you are keeping the videos for personal entertainment and not uploading it somewhere else.

Below we have mentioned the required steps which you must follow to download the videos from your Tik Tok account.

Step 1 - Copy the Video URL:

First, visit the Tik Tok website and video. Find your favorite video and copy the URL link from the address bar. If you are not able to get the right URL, then select Share and Copy the link from there. After pressing the share button, a bunch of social media platform icons will appear, choose the clipboard to copy the URL.

Step 2 - Paste the URL on KEEP OFFLINE Search Bar:

Once the URL link of your favorite video is copied, go to the web portal of KeepOffline and paste your URL link into the blank box and hit on the “Download” button on Tik Tok Video Downloader.

Step 3 - Choose the desired file format you want to Download:

After clicking on the Download button, you will have to choose the required video formats in which you want to download. You can download your favorite Video in any format provided below:

  • MP4 144p Download
  • MP4 240p Download
  • MP4 380p Download
  • MP4 480p Download
  • MP4 1080p Download

Choose any format from the above options and click on the download button. Now, the downloading process will start on your device.

Step 4 - Grab your downloaded Video from Download folder:
  • As the video downloading process has been finished, It will save onto your device.
  • Now close the Tik Tok video downloader and go to your computer’s download section.
  • From here you can grab this video and watch many times without worrying about wasting your data.

Why You Need A Third-party Downloader?

Accessing videos will require data usage and sometimes you want to see some videos on loop or again and again because of the fact it is funny or inspirational or it just gives you goosebumps. You can do that by downloading the built-in download option available in the app. However, this option is only available for android users and it only supports saving one video at a time.

Thus it often becomes necessary to use third-party apps to download Tik Tok videos or simply use Tik Tok Video Downloader. To download Tik Tok videos, it is as simple as a cakewalk if the user uses third-party software such as KeepOffline. As a matter of fact, using KeepOffline makes it a very simple and easy process to download Tik Tok videos without any hustle.

Why KeepOffline Is The Best Video Downloader?

With so many videos available on Tik Tok, sometimes you want a few of your favorite videos to be saved offline so you can watch it later. Not many services allow this facility and due to it’s increasing demand we have decided to build a completely free tool that you can use to download Tik Tok videos for free. Ths free Tik Tok video downloader will get your job done.

With its wide range of downloading formats, you can download TikTok videos without downloading any application or software.

This is the best Tik Tok video downloader which will save your videos offline or help your backup your current media or videos in your Tik Tok account.

Is It Okay To Download Tik Tok Videos Online?

Downloading videos from Tiktok is against the site’s terms of service. But relax, it's fine as long as you are not uploading the content of other creators by your name. Keeping it for your personal use is safe. You can download all your favorite Tiktok videos by using this Tik Tok Video Downloader in a hassle freeway.

There are some potential legal issues while using other content creators’ videos. Especially when you are using someone else content to publish it as yours. It could result in content copyright issues that bring your video down on any platform. A use must always follow the community guidelines given by the Tik Tok.

Already Tik Tok has been in so much controversy and if you are a Tik Tok user then you must be willing to follow the community guidelines. Using protected content can also result in a permanent account ban which is not a good thing.

So how do you access other creator’s videos and meanwhile not breaking community guidelines? Here comes the Tik Tok video downloader, by using this online third party tool you can download any type of video without breaking your account. You just have to know the address of the video URL and Tik Tok Video Downloader will do its work.