How to download Pinterest video from a desktop?

1. Open the Pinterest video.

Open the Pinterest application and scroll down to navigate for the Pinterest video you intend to download.

2. Copy the Pinterest Video URL

Play the video you want to download and copy the URL of the respective video.

3. Open Keepoffline Pinterest video downloader

After copying the URL, navigate through the official site of and paste the copied URL.

4. Download the desired video

After pasting the copied URL, click on the download option to download the video in the desired format.

How to download Pinterest video from a mobile phone?

1. Navigate the Pinterest video

Install the pinterest app on your mobile phone and search for the video you desire to download.

2. Copy the selected Pinterest video URL

After selecting the desired video, click on the send option through the menu on the bottom right corner of the video. After selecting the send option, click on copy which results in copying the respective URL.

3. Paste the Video URL at keepoffline video downloader

After copying the URL, go to and paste the copied link in the area provided beside the download option.

4. Download the respective video

After pasting the respective link, click on the download option.

Experience a hassle free Pinterest video downloading: Keepoffline Pinterest video downloader

Keeploffline Pinterest video downloader caters to downloading the desired videos on pinterest by accessing a few simple and easy steps in a minimal time. The primary benefit offered by the Pinterest video downloader is that it does not need the interference of a 3rd party app for downloading the desired video. The advantageous aspect of this Pinterest video downloader is that it is supported by all the browsers as well as all the mobile platforms.

The users of Pinterest video downloader can enjoy the benefit of watching their preferred videos offline as many times as they want. All they are supposed to do is select the respective video, copy its link, paste it in the pinterest video downloader app and download the video.


Download your favourite pinterest video in a few clicks

There can be a number of videos you admire while watching it on pinterest and halt with an intention to download pinterest video. The prevalence of a Pinterest video downloader serves the purpose of downloading the desired pinterest video in just a few clicks. The users are supposed to follow very minor steps in order to proceed with the downloading process.

The best part is that you would not even have to compromise on the quality of the video because the Keepoffline video downloader saves the video on your operating system or mobile phone without hampering the original quality of the video. Therefore, not only are the users free from any kind of hassles while downloading the pinterest video, but they can also take the advantage of watching a good quality video offline.


How to download pinterest videos with keepoffline?

➥ While watching and scrolling down your favourite videos online containing cooking videos, makeup tutorial, dance, etc. on Pinterest, you might want to save it sometimes for viewing it offline as well. But the unavailability of this feature on the app leaves you disappointed. The Pinterest video downloader solves this issue by providing you the convenience to download the video you like or want to see it multiple times and that too in offline mode.

➥ By using the Keepoffline pinterest video downloader you can take the aid of downloading numerous pinterest videos on your mobile phone as well as your desktop operating system, as per your wish.

Here are the 4 primary steps that can be followed in order to download pinterest video.

Step 1. Search the pinterst video you want to download from the various videos available of diverse genres.

Step 2. Select the video and click on the copy link (copy the URL) option.

Step 3. Browse and after the page opens, paste the link on the keepoffline page.

Step 4. After pasting the link, all you have to do is download the video so click on the download option and your video will get downloaded in no time. Enjoy watching the video, offline.

Features of Keepoffline Video downloader

There are a number of features offered by the keepoffline video downloader as a video downloading tool.

Given below are some of its prominent features:-

  • This video downloading tool offers you the convenience of watching a good quality offline video without hampering the quality of the original video.
  • The users have to go through no complexities with respect to downloading a video from this Pinterest video downloading tool.
  • It is supported by all the mobile platforms as well as the browsers. Therefore,its users are provided with the advantage of a convenient access as per this video downloading tool.
  • It provides you an added feature of downloading your preferred video without a watermark.

How to download pinterest video without a watermark?

While downloading a Pinterst video through certain apps, the presence of a watermark is not preferable. You can get rid of this problem while using keepoffline video downloading app.

Here are some of the steps given below:-

  • Open and select the desired video on Pinterest.
  • After selecting the video, click on the send option.
  • After clicking on the send option, copy the link of the respective video.
  • Go to and paste the copied link in the area provide.
  • Finally, click on the download option. Your Pinterest video will be downloaded without a watermark in a few seconds.


Can we download the Pinterest video without a watermark?

Yes, we can download the Pinterest video without a watermark through the Keep offline Website.

Is there any difference in the video quality if you download the video through Pinterest Video Downloader?

No, the quality of the video does not change after you download your preferred Pinterest video from the Pinterest video downloader.

Is KeepofflinePinterest video downloader a secure platform to download Pinterest videos?

Yes, it is a totally secure platform for downloading the respective videos as it makes no hindrance to the privacy of the users.

Can we download the Pinterest MP4 video in MP3?

Yes, you can download the Pinterest MP4 video in MP3 by accessing the feature of Pinterest video MP3 converter.