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➥ FB: Facebook is a social media site through which people are connected to each other. They can share their thoughts, pictures, videos and can also chat with friends and relatives. Facebook allows us to view, create, share and upload videos online with friends. Sometimes, we want to download videos but we cannot download Facebook videos. And if we watch video online on Facebook then it ruins our times as well as internet data or may interrupt videos due to slow internet speed. Here's a solution to all your problems and it is named Free Facebook Video Downloader. Yes, now it is so easy to download free Facebook videos. You can download Facebook videos by URL.

➥ You can grab your Facebook video just by making a few clicks. Our website i.e. will provide you with a convenient way. KeepOffline is a Facebook Downloader site through which you can download free Facebook videos. If you are still thinking that how to Download Facebook Videos by URL then you have arrived at the right place. Here, you can experience the easiest way to enjoy FB video. So, why to worry, just try Facebook Video Downloader and its hassle-free functionality to download your favourite video every time. Our Online facebook downloader is free of cost, and there are no-hidden limits on a number of downloads either.

Get the Procedure for Downloading free Facebook Videos by URL:

In the next section, I will explain how you can easily make use of our Facebook Video downloader for free. So follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1: At first, go to your Facebook profile in a proper way. Enter your username and password to login to the Facebook account.

Step 2: Now, find your favourite Facebook video and open that video to download. Copy the URL of the Facebook video and make sure its privacy is public.

Step 3: In the next step, launch and enter the URL of Facebook Video in the space that is displaying next to the Free Download button.

Step 4: Then press a click on Free Download button and immediately you are redirected to next screen from where you have to choose the format for Facebook video.

Step 5: Next, you have to identify the desired format for that video like MP4 144p, MP4 240p, MP4 380p etc format. Once you have chosen the format, click on the “Download” button.

Step 6: Now your favourite Facebook video will get the download on your PC or mobile that you are using.

Step 7: Explore the Downloaded folder in your computer and grab the video that you have downloaded using FB Video Downloader.

Note: Above we have mentioned all the steps for Facebook Video Downloader. Kindly follow these steps to grab your favourite facebook videos.

How to Download Facebook Videos Online on your Desktop

1. Open your favourite video

Open web browser and then open the video that you want to download on your operating system.

2. Copy the link and paste here

Now, copy the desired video’s link that you want to download on your operating system.

3. Go to downloader’s official website

Navigate to “” and paste the video URL at the box available next to “Download” button.

4. Grab desired video on Windows

Choose the format as per choice and get ready to play video on your Windows operating system.

How to Download Facebook Videos Online on your mobile

1. Open desired FB video

First of all, ensure you have proper internet connectivity and then you have to open desired Facebook/Vimeo/Dailymotion video on your mobile.

2. Copy URL of video

By using your keyboard, hold Ctrl + C keys simultaneously to copy the web address of video and get ready to download video on your mobile.

3. Paste Video’s URL

Open official website of Facebook video Downloader on your mobile and paste that URL at the space available next to ‘Download’ button.

4. Grab Video and enjoy!

Hit a click on Download button and choose the format as per your needs. Now the video will get downloaded on your mobile’s memory.

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Download Facebook Videos Online

The process works in an easy way for the comfort of our users. The user will have to copy the URL link of the Facebook video that they wish to download and paste in the search box. Our search engine works in a smart and efficient way and hence downloads the video for you within a few seconds.We prioritize the comfort of our users, so for those who have no knowledge about how to download FB videos, we assure that they have chosen the right place as now they can exactly get what they need!


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