How To Grab Imgur Videos Online On Your Desktop

1. Open Imgur Video

Open your OS’s default web browser and then head towards Imgur official webpage.

2. Copy Imgur Video’s URL

Play Imgur video that you want to capture. Copy Imgur video’s URL.

3. Open

Open browser’s another tab & enter in address bar. Paste Imgur video’s URL & tap on Download.

4. Choose Format & Enjoy !

Choose any format and again tap on Download button. Enjoy the Imgur video on your device.

How To Download Imgur Videos Online On Your Mobile

1. Open desired Imgur Video

In mobile’s web browser, open Imgur official website by typing “” in address bar & open that video that you want to download.

2. Copy Imgur Video’s URL

Then, copy the link of the Imgur video that you want to capture on your mobilephone. Open another browser’s tab & access Imgur downloader’s official website.

3. Enter Imgur Video’s URL

Go to top section of, where you have to paste the Imgur video’s URL. Then tap on Download button.

4. Play Imgur video & enjoy !

Lastly, choose the desired format for Imgur video and tap on Download button. Once downloading finish, feel free to play Imgur video on mobile.

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