How To Download Netflix Video Online On Your Desktop

1. Open Netflix Video

Open web browser on your Windows computer and then navigate to Netflix official website.

2. Copy Netflix Videos URL

Once on the website, find your favorite online Netflix video or Tv show you want to download. Copy the URL of this video from the address bar or ‘Share’ button.

3. Open

Open in another tab and paste the copied URL.of your online Netflix video. Click “Download” button to download Netflix video from internet.

4. Choose Format & Enjoy !

Once you press the Download button, you will see different video formats to choose from, select your desired format for online Netflix video download and sit back.

How To Download Netflix Video Online On Your Mobile

1. Open desired Netflix Video

You can download Netflix videos from internet on mobile as well, open a web browser and navigate to Netflix website and then open your favorite Netflix video.

2. Copy URL of Netflix Video

Copy the URL address of this Netflix video on your mobile’s clipboard either from the top of the URL bar in your browser or via sharing button.

3. Paste Netflix Video’s URL

Open in another tab of your mobile browser. Go to ‘How To download’ > ‘How to Download Netflix Videos’, and paste the URL in the box and hit download.

4. Play video and enjoy !

Now you need to select the video quality type of your video you want to download on your phone. Select the format and see your Netflix video downloaded onto your mobile.

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