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WhatsApp is free to download the Smartphone messenger app. WhatsApp utilizes the internet to share messages, images, audio, or video. Nevertheless, the application is somewhat alike to a text messaging system, because WhatsApp utilizes the internet to send messages, this is why the cost of using WhatsApp is considerably lower than texting.

The status allows users to post updates of the text, photo, video, and GIF that will disappear after 24 hours. To send and receive status updates from and to other contacts, you and your contacts must have phone numbers of each other stored in the address books of your phones.

WhatsApp is no longer just about calling, some new features such as WhatsApp status, display pictures are still very important to users. Much like Instagram stories, Facebook stories are now in the trend of putting up WhatsApp stories. But what if you see a really funny video of somebody's WhatsApp status or a great picture? Naturally, you can take a picture screenshot but what about a video?

Let's immerse ourselves in this feature today and see how we can grab WhatsApp status from someone else on our smartphone. 

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video and Photo?

Step 1: Save Google Files on your android smartphone  

Step 2: Tap the menu icon at the upper left corner of the screen

Step 3: Tap on the "Settings" options and switch on the  toggle in front of "show hidden files"

Step 4: Go into your device's File Manager

Step 5: Go to Internal Storage > then go to “WhatsApp” > then go to “Media” > and then finally click on “Statuses”.

Step 6: All the status you have seen will appear in the folder, tap the picture or the video you want.

 Step 7: Click on the selected item for long and save it to your desired location, e.g. phone, Whatsapp photos, downloads, etc.

Such steps can vary from one Android device to another. For most instances, the WhatsApp media folder will appear right on the screen as soon as you open the File Manager.

Back in February WhatsApp made the feature of the "Status" official. It supports users to post pictures, videos, & GIFs that will instantly vanish after 24 hours. Users and experts across the globe initially called the app a "copy" of Snapchat Tales. Nevertheless, the feature of the whatsapp picks up gradually and becomes popular among users.

Updates on the WhatsApp Status are perishable by nature. WhatsApp, therefore, provides no "official" way of saving those shares. Some users take a screenshot to save the status of the picture but how about the video? Even the screenshots struggle to preserve the picture of the same condition as on WhatsApp. And how do you save the statuses? Let's have a look ...

Save or download Whatsapp Status Photos or Videos, HOW?

  • This is the process to Save or Print WhatsApp Status Images and Videos in your smartphones.
  • There are two ways to quickly save the WhatsApp Status. The first approach is via a dedicated app. Nevertheless, if you sometimes need to save image statuses, you can follow the manual path. The two are discussed in more detail below:
  • Manually save status files (via File Manager)
  • WhatsApp stores the phone's status files (photos/videos) locally. Yet after 24 hours, those are deleted. So, what you can do is copy them out of the temporary folder and save them in a secure spot. This is how to do the same:

Note: To do so, you will need a File Manager app. Most phones have it installed by default (such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus). Check for an app called "Files" or "File Manager." You can access and use Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer if there is none (as on Nokia Android phones).

  • Select the status you want to preserve. That will make a temporary copy of the same in the storage of the phone.
  • Open your device Files-( File Manager, Solid Explorer, etc.) 
  • Put "Show - hidden - files" -Turn on or switch on "Display hidden files".   
  • You will need to open your file manager settings and configure it to show hidden files. Users of Solid Explorer should follow this guide to allow for hidden files.
  • Navigate to the folder (WhatsApp folder)- Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media >Statuses.
  • Copy the pictures/videos you want to preserve.
  • Paste them onto another folder.
  • This is it! The images or videos that were copied will be kept forever. Afterward, you can access them by opening the folder to which it was copied.

Using a dedicated application to save status files:

You can avoid the complexity and rely on a 3rd party app to save WhatsApp status for your friend. The app automatically gathers the statuses you've seen and shows them in an ordered way.

  • Open WhatsApp and open the statuses to be saved/downloaded from WhatsApp.   
  • Open and install from the Play Store on your phone the App named "Status Saver".  
  • Download "Save Status" from Play Store
  • Enable the App to access your device's images, media, and data. This is how the device reads the storage to gather photos from WhatsApp Status.
  • Choose the photos or videos you want to save, and tap the Save button.
  • Photos or videos that you are saving will be saved in your phone's internal storage.

This is it! You've just saved the WhatsApp status/story for your buddy and it's going to be kept forever.

All saved statuses are accessible from inside the application. You can open your File Manager app and browse to Internal Storage > Status Saver if you need to access the folder directly.

Some More Important Status Techniques Related To Whatsapp (you Need To Know):

  • Status was one of the most interesting features when WhatsApp was first published in 2009. Instead of just saying Available or Busy, users could put any text that appeared next to their name into the field. WhatsApp Status soon became the default way of letting people know what's going in your life.
  • WhatsApp re-engineered the Status feature in 2017. Today it is close to the stories of Snapchat and Instagram, while the old version is simply called "About." While at first WhatsApp Status may seem like a Snapchat clone, there is a WhatsApp twist which makes it useful to its audience. Here's all that you need to know about WhatsApp Status.

What is the "Status" of WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp Status is a status update, which will vanish after 24 hours of you uploading it on WhatsApp. Photos, images, text, links, and GIFs can be exchanged.
  • WhatsApp Status is only allowed by default between two users who have each other's contact details stored in their respective books of address. When you do not have the number of anyone saved in your contacts, they will not be able to see your Status post.

1) How to See/ View WhatsApp Status?

  • Tap the Status tab at the top on Android to open WhatsApp Status. On the iPhone, the Status tab can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Here you can automatically see a list of available Status updates from your contacts under the heading Recent Updates. To play up their status, tap the name of a contact.
  • The video or picture will automatically play. If it's a video, it'll stay on the screen for a few seconds and then the app will display the next update from the same contact. After seeing all of the contact notifications, you will end up on the status page again.
  • If you feel a photo vanishes too fast, you can go back to the status screen and see the update again. Or tap and hold the status on the screen to pause. It would also trigger the name of the user that went to disappear.
  • To turn to the next status, press on the right side of the screen. If you would like to jump to the Status of the next contact, swipe to the left of the page.

2) How to Revert to WhatsApp Status?

  • If you experience a WhatsApp status that intrigues you, simply swipe up to comment. You may respond with a text message or use the camera icon to respond with a photo or a video.

3) How to Post Status in form of Photos and Videos?

  • Open the Status section, and click the "Add to my status" button on the top. This will open the view of the camera. Tap on the shutter button, if you want to take a photo. Tap and hold onto the shutter button to capture a video. In the center double-tap to turn between cameras.
  • To upload a picture or video from your collection, tap the Bottom-right Gallery button. To add to your Status, press the Send button.
  • On WhatsApp Status you can post videos of up to 30 seconds only. When you want a longer video, you will be asked to trim it before publishing. If you want to upload a video that is in excess of 30 seconds, you can do it in several chunks. Choose the first 30 seconds from the first status, the second 30 seconds from the next, and so on.

4) How to  Annotate WhatsApp Status?

  • Now is the time to add some fun to your status on WhatsApp. The easiest way to do it is via emojis! After you pick the picture but you will see a range of editing choices before hitting the send button.
  • To doodle the picture in any color, tap on the Pencil icon. The Emoji icon will let you add the status emoji. You will be able to insert floating text over the picture or video using the Text option.
  • The easiest way to add text to a Status is to use the caption feature. Tap the Add a text box with the caption to enter the text. Tap the Send button, until you're pleased with your Status.

5) How to Post Text and Links

  • You can see two icons while in the Status section; one camera icon, and one pencil icon. To share a text-update, tap the pencil icon. You can start typing a status update directly, or you can paste it into the text you chose.
  • To change the font, tap the T icon at the top. To change the background color, tap the paint palette button. Here too, you can paste it into a link and it will appear as a target that can be clicked.

6) How to Conceal or Hide WhatsApp Status From Certain People

  • All of your family, friends, and work colleagues are on WhatsApp. And you may not want to reveal your WhatsApp Status to someone in your book of addresses.
  • You can either hide your status from certain contacts or share your updates with certain contacts only thanks to the Privacy option. Tap the Menu button on Android, and pick Privacy status. On iPhone, press the Status screen top-right Privacy button.
  • Tap "My Contacts Except for choice" and pick the contacts if you want to remove a few contacts from displaying your status. Tap the "Only Share With ... " choice to share your status with only a few mates, and add the contacts selected.

7) How to Mute WhatsApp Status

  • You really don't want to see what is written on WhatsApp Status by your plumber. The mute feature helps you to remove the status report of contact from the feed.
  • On Android, from the Status section, tap and hold the name of the contact, and pick Mute. Swipe right to the name of the user on the iPhone, and press on Mute. Once more follow the same method to unmute them.

8) How to Post Multiple Photos At Once

  • You may also update multiple WhatsApp Status simultaneously. Click the + button in the bottom-left corner after choosing one photo or video, and pick more pictures or videos. Up to 30 updates can be posted simultaneously.

9) How to Delete WhatsApp Status

  • If you don't like what you posted, then you can also delete it. Go to My Status section on Android, and tap and hold status. Click the Trash button instead, and pick Delete.
  • Tap My Status on iPhone, and then swipe left to status to reveal the Delete button.

10) How to capture a Screenshot Without Being Caught or got noticed

  • That is one of the variations between WhatsApp Status and Snapchat Stories. You can take any WhatsApp Status screenshot without alerting the user. But don't think about getting caught to get screenshots taken.

How to Enjoy Using WhatsApp Safely and Securely?

  • Now that everyone knows what the “WhatsApp status” is, and how it works, you can use it to share your day's highlights with friends and family.
  • We suggest you go to the Privacy section first and give access to your close friends and family only. That way, on WhatsApp Status, you'll be more confident sharing parts of your day. If you ever find yourself sending the same images to different groups, this is a case of great use for the WhatsApp Status.


Dear Reader, Here in this article we have tried to provide you almost all the relevant information regarding the WhatsApp status. Hope that you would find it useful. For more such information keep visiting us. Have a good day!!

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