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How to Download Facebook videos without any software

Facebook is an enormous social networking site where millions of people upload images, status, videos and much more. You can read the latest news with help of news feed or enjoy various articles and blogs shared by persons all over the globe. Also, you can view amazing pics as well as videos from every corner of the world. Facebook has brought innovation in digital marketing as well. You can upload any image or video on facebook but you cannot download the video. This is the only limitation that Facebook brings to us. But there are certain tools or extensions that can help to download videos from facebook. Keepoffline.com is one of the best sites to download facebook videos. In our content, we will learn how to download Facebook videos by using Keepoffline which is a best Facebook video downloader

There is a certain extension on the internet that promises to deliver free downloading but when you open these web portals you find nothing but miscellaneous content or virus which can permanently or temporarily damage your system. So its advisable for users, not to follow such tools and always use the most secure and quick facebook downloader i.e keep offline.    

The tools in this site are absolutely bug-free so you do not have to follow any crash or error during downloading. Also, the downloading speed is super fast and you do not have to install any additional software for downloading.

Follow The Simple Steps To Download Video From Facebook Online

Step 1: Launch your web browser to facebook.com. Then, copy the URL address of the Facebook video you want to download.

Step 2: Now, navigate to keepoffline.com and paste the copied URL address of your facebook video and paste it into the keep offline downloader. Now hit the download button.

Step 3: You will be asked if you want to change the quality of the video. Select the required option and hit download again.

Step 4: Your download will start resuming and finish in a short time.

Step 5: Your video will be saved in the download section of your device

Step 6: You can now enjoy your video endless times without needing an internet connection.

Download Facebook Videos In an Easy and Simple Way With Facebook Video Downloader

Keepoffline provides you with a platform where you can download all Facebook videos on your windows/mac or any Android/iOS device without any trouble or requirement of additional software. Facebook Video Downloader is blended with high-quality features so that you can easily download your favorite video and enjoy it anytime without worrying about internet connection in the offline mode, Facebook video downloader helps you to download your favorite Facebook videos on your mobile as well as PC without installing additional software. It is a new step towards innovation and modernization. You can now watch or share your favorite Facebook videos and relish them unlimited times.

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Jivan Kumar 1 Day ago

Nice Facebook Downloader Website.

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