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About College Disha:

Established in the year of 2018, College Disha is a one of a kind web portal specifically designed with the aim of providing the educational needs for thousands of students who are at that crucial step in life where they have to choose their streams, graduation degrees and even reevaluate their career choices. The main aim of this website was to grant help to students by providing information on various courses and their future scopes. However, in recent years, College Disha has been growing into its full potential to not only provide students with a catalogue of information but actually see it through by helping them gain admission into their choice of universities and into the courses that are suitable to their dreams and ambitions through financial help such as the scholarship programe offered by College Disha.

From detailed information on Educational Boards, Colleges and reputed Coaching Institutes to the analysis on a myriad of options from courses to choose from and the relevant entrance exams to appear for, all are in the list of informative topics that College Disha provides. For students who are as yet clueless, the general, helpful educational articles have proven of immense help to them, since the articles enlist the various dimensions of any course in detail from academic requirements to skill set needed and the general job scope of the graduates in that course, which makes it easier for the students to compare and decide. CollegeDisha is a perfect choice for any student who wants all round catered guidance to determine the path they should take as a starting point of their professional lives, starting at school itself. Some of the reasons why College Disha is the best in its “class” is due to the following perks it has over others.  

Best Colleges and Universities: 

An encylopeadia of information on the top colleges and the universities, the relevant information, fee structure and the facilities available make it easier for candidates to sit and compare the different colleges and universities without actually going anywhere. One of the best sites to get all the information you need regarding a specific course, college and news on the commencement of different entrance exams is right here at CollegeDisha which provides all that and much more.

Best Courses and Coaching Institutes: 

If candidates wish to know more about the courses and the career path one can follow after pursuing a certain course, CollegeDisha has you covered there as well. The articles and the Course menu opens up different courses and candidates can opt browse through with any filter they choose, (such as Career options after 10th, 12th, etc). 

Entrance Exams and Board Exams: 

One of the other aspects CollegeDisha provides information for the student is the various entrance exams held for different courses, from their requirements to their eligibility criterias. The different Board Exams held at schools have also been covered State Wise for the benefit of the students browsing through. From availing up to date notifications for course specific entrance exams to a personally catered career counselling session face to face with the board of experts, students have positively reviewed the ways College Disha has helped them realise their full potential. A full brochure of information on the different colleges in any surrounding area to a quick look at the different courses they offe, the interactive web interface is a proof on the efficiency and the deliverance of results to the clients and candidates alike. 

Scholarship and Career Options: 

CollegeDisha provides a lot more than just information, it provides practical help to students and perhaps that is what sets it apart from the rest of the competitors in the educational website field. 50% of scholarship on the admission fee of the student is provided if he or she gains admission in any private university through College Disha. For candidates still debating about the best course for them or the students that need personal guidance, the panel of experts at CollegeDisha also known as Career Counsellors are ready to help the students through the use of psychological techniques and their general expertise in the area. Through on call assistance to face to face interaction with thecareer counsellors, candidates can get a host of questions answered and perhaps set up on the right path for themselves according to their specific traits and personality.  


As yet, College Disha has helped thousands of students gain admission in their dream colleges and dream courses irrespective of their financial and economic background. Some of the perks that set CollegeDisha apart are the various programs offered by the portal itself, such as the Disha Kit, Scholarship Programe, Career Counselling and many more are genuinely uselful in helping students in the most professional way possible. From a brief look on topics to a detailed analysis on others, College Disha is a web portal that fulfils all aspects of a student's schooling and educational journey. College Disha strives for a better education in the country by helping the youth find jobs that suit their needs and wants. Education in today’s world is as difficult as it gets, with a little bit of “educational therapy”, CollegeDisha has helped thousands of students attain their goals and with that we hope to hear from you soon!

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