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An IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal has created an Indian version of TikTok called Mitron, seeing the soaring popularity of short video-making apps in India.

After its release within a month, it has been hit, the app has gained popularity and has completed more than 5 lakh downloads on the Google PlayStore within a month.

You can download the Mitron app from the Play Store but it's not available on the Apple App Store.

The latest anti-China sentiment and also the various controversies that the Chinese app TikTok is involved in right now is what works in favour of the India-made app.

The app has reached a milestone of 1.7 crore downloads on the official Google Play Store  - in a boost to Mitron — India's competitor to China's famous short video-sharing app TikTok.  This comes barely five days after the Mitron app crossed the 1 crore downloads mark and after 59 famous Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government, citing national security reasons. The Mitron app experienced over 11 times the growth of its daily traffic a day after the ByteDance-owned TikTok was blocked, according to MitronTV.

Apparently, Mitron has emerged as the most successful alternative to China's TikTok short video site. Mitron is a short video-making software made in India that is free of charge. It is planned to highlight people their creative videos online, the theme being light humour. Users can make, edit, and upload videos, and browse a library of top videos around the globe.

The name of the app — Mitron — and its format for short-video sharing is the primary reason for its prompt success. Notably, Mitron, meaning friends in Hindi, is a phrase that is widely used in many of his speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"The app is designed for people to display their innovative videos in line with its theme of light humor," according to the founder of the Mitron app.

Mitron was taken down from the Google Play Store earlier in May before being restored again. When it was taken down and was downloaded on the Play Store over five million or 50 lakh times within a month of its release, Mitron then gave TikTok a stiff competition.

Google Play admitted that the software and related applications were taken down for breaching its policies. The tech giant said a number of recent app removals in India have received special attention and explained its actions.

The Mitron TV app has recently launched as a competitor to TikTok. Since its launch, the homegrown short video application has gained in popularity. It has now been downloaded on Google Play Store over 5 million times and is shining through with a 4.7-star rating.

The app lets you create and upload short, TikTok-like entertainment videos. If you wonder how you can use this app and upload your videos, then this article is all you need to read:

Steps To Download & Use Mitron App:

On Android as well as iOS devices, users can download the Mitron TV app. For Android smartphones, we share the steps:

1. Check for the Mitron TV after a visit to Google Play Store.

2. When found, click to download the application on the Install tab. Notably, the application measures around 8.02 MB in size.

3. One can see the 'Profile' tab in the bottom right corner. Click on Google and sign up.

4. You can view and browse through the content uploaded to the video library, or upload your own videos.

How To Create & Upload Videos On Mitron App:

1. You'll see a camcorder icon at the bottom of the home screen which allows you to record videos.

2. The next screen will open the camera and you will see some options, such as adding music, moving to the camera, recording, and uploading.

3. To capture a short video, you need to press and hold the record button. You can add the music to it using the Add Sound tab.

4. To upload it, you can add a caption to the video, and then click on the tick icon.

It's worth noting that the user interface of this app resembles TikTok. Both platforms allow users to upload videos for a short duration only. But the latter's downfall is what paved a way for Mitron TV due to a dispute between some content creators.

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How to Download Mitron Video:

Downloading videos has 2 methods:

1. Using 'Link Copy'

- Step 1: Open Mitron and click the 'Copy Link' button on the video you are interested in.

- step 2: Open Downloader with Mitron.

-Done! Your video will immediately be downloaded.

2. Using 'Link Share'

-Step 1: Open Mitron and click on the "Share Link" button for the picture or video you are interested in.

- Step 2: To share, click the Mitron Downloader.

-Done! Your video will immediately be downloaded.

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Where does the Mitron Video Downloader store the videos?

All videos saved from the app are stored under the name "Mitron Downloader" in a folder.

Worthy Note-

According to the copyright procedures for Mitron users, if you want to repost them, you need to get permission from the creator.


* Please get the owner's PERMISSION before reposting any videos or pictures.

* We are not accountable for any breach of intellectual property that occurs from an unauthorized repost of a video or picture.

* We are not the holders of the available material

* We support Mitron 's rights.

* This feature is not related to Mitron.


We hope that this article would be helpful to all the users of the Mitron applications who wish to download the videos of their interest and keeping them with themselves.

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